How to modify the swing, without lag it's just a shove. (Im left handed). At this stage, we are ready to finish assembling the golf stance. The preshot routine will help consistently apply the setup to shots with both irons and woods while aiming correctly at targets on the range or the golf course. Was pumped to work at a professional golf tournament. Pasted as rich text. [/quote] I like Smocks swing too. What's right for one may not be for another. Display as a link instead, Of course, if the clubs feel too long, you will probably be standing straight up with almost no bend at the hips and the toe of the club way up in the air the clubs likely should be shortened if thats the case. Assume your address position without a club or ball. Both nice looking golf swings, IMO. I told Dan my first trip "I want to swing like Smock" lol. I am now 58 my handicap is 14.6 but lately I have lost a lot of distance and should probably be 18, I was never a massive hitter, probably 230 with the driver from a solid shot but now I am lucky to hit 180, 7 iron 110 all perfectly straight. open feet, closed shoulders) You should see great results. Another good visual with this is that in your transition you want your right knee working more towards your left knee and less towards the ball. You are now in the proper golf address position with an athletic posture , basically a ready position that would apply to any sport. One advantage is normally you can generate quite a bit of power with a short swing. Generally barrel-chested guys need to get the arms on top of the chest and then bend over more than average to clear the chest on the swing. In the USA is means your bum That sucks. Doesnt left arm define swing circle? EDIT: PS I'm interested in comments as well since my league partner is kind of similar: he has a very "built" upper body (although a little taller) and has a lot of trouble with how tight his bicep/pec connection is in setup and swing. First, we need a great grip. Right hand shows 2.5-3 knuckles. Like this? Centering the hands in my experience has improved most players abilities to align to target, square the face at address and make a reasonably sound takeaway. I probably do have to stand slightly more away from the ball than a Davis Love type player. Any swing suggestions? Could this be that I am not rotating my wrist fast enough or should I have a stronger grip or maybe its my hip rotation.. Longer irons I do not have this problem. I have a question regarding the position of the handle of the golf club. As for the S&T, I learned a ton from that thread and have spent a lot of time reading it a couple of months ago. on Golf Setup Lesson Pt 1- Foundation for a Golf Swing, So how do we setup to make a golf swing and avoid becoming a tourist attraction like the Leaning Tower? I can carry it about 210, even my 5 iron which i rarely used on the coruse because of lack of distance i now know i can hit very well.I think the 70s are in my future, just need to hit better iron shots on the course, at the range i kill thembut something changes on course as we all know. MEMBER REVIEWS: Cleveland Frontline Elite Putters! Ive begun my yearly review of what I did last year; so I can be better this year. Well youll be glad to know i can now strike a 3 iron pure like i never have in 20 years of playing. Anyway, short, stocky, old guy here. Keep up the great work. How can low point of swing be in center of stance? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are 3 woods obsolete for double digit golfers??? There are some key points to keep in mind for the setup to ensure an inside approach with a level to upward hit. HighDraw, I am the other way around, played at 240 and now weigh 275 lol. Thanks for watching. Net result should leave the butt of club aimed at belt buckle. But it should be said that I spend a lot of time each day stretching. The left arm over the left chest was the issue. As for the swing, I really just focus on keeping my arms straight to keep the club in front of me, make sure I tilt left going back so my head doesn't move too far to my right, and then coming down I try to get my body rotating fast. Fairways:Honma TW747 15* /18* Until you lose it. Miguel, The best way to test this is to see what length you hit most easily centered in the clubface. If you are going to try to get more width, you will likely have to turn your torso and shoulders farther back to get that right arm off your body. Set the feet just barely wider than the hips, toes turned out about 5 degrees on each foot, and start to bow from the hip sockets as you also let the wrists drop. When I considered that, I thought - maybe she's right! So ready to give up! With golf I ALWAYS hit ground behind the ball. All shafts are S2S Stepless Steel Wishon, At 285 and wearing a 54 long jacket, I struggle with a one plane move. Herman, Thank you for this video. I especially some of the work with the roller. [/quote] Thanks again for your amazing videos! You will be extending the hands, arms, club in a manner that appears to be going straight back from the ball while the body is making a coordinated pivot all parts moving together. I had some issues and knew something didnt feel right in set up. Were no different take all the time necessary to create the setup and aim the shot; slowly, carefully march the setup over to the ball; waggle to count down and relax; then press the button triggering the motion the swing itself is over in less than a second and a half. Variety being the "spice of life" and all that, we are not created equal in all aspects. HighDraw, I am the other way around, played at 240 and now weigh 275 lol. If I keep the right arm, shoulder, elbow soft it all works. : If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. My ball position is the same as everyone else, off of right ear, left pec-ish type. I wish you had been around when I was a kid. Are their set up or swing adjustments to make when thick chested? Ive played on and off for years but the past year Im more dedicated than ever to being 5 or less handicap. The beauty of this exercise is that you can easily throw a ball in the garden so next time you have a spare five minutes go outside pick up a ball and throw it. The Tower is tilted 10 degrees (thats 17 feet off center at the top) and has been essentially unusable for most of its existence. I checked, and indeed running a club from my chest though my belt buckle has the head touching my left leg as you demonstrated. Herman, Hey man, your video is awesome!! If you have the time, I would appreciate your thoughts on these two setup positions with the left arm and what each one promotes. Ive noticed on the range that many people set up with the handle of the golf club positioned near their left thigh, or pointed toward the target, creating the appearance of the club leaning forward at address. I would say I am probably more flexible than most guys think, but it depends on the area. Be Better Golf BE BETTER GOLF. The driver is defintely tougher to time everything. Perhaps because Im left-handed, but swing right-handed, I set the club behind the ball with the left hand only and then place my right hand on the club. This is no small detail. Thanks for the compliments fellas. This post is 4years old now but the same issues remain for some of us. I find your point interesting regarding left hand placement ontop of my female chest. Duly noted well use bottom or tail for those down under thanks. [*][size=4][b][color=#0000ff]Ping G410 LST, Mitsubishi Tensei Orange Pro [/color][/b][/size] Quote Reply to this topic. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 First I must say you are one hell of an instructor. Ive tried to visualize an imaginary obstacle in front of me as I setup to the ball to see if I can get the same results, but it has not been particularly effective. But, I have found something that that helps me make the coil easier. Ok, cool. I finally understand how to turn so the head stays centered and the shoulders are not too flat and I don't have to lift the arms. What I now realize is that turning my left arm to the two-knuckle grip position naturally gets my left arm on top of the pec and helps tuck the right should in as well, freeing up my back-swing. Much appreciated. . Like this? Told Mrs. DGA3 about my post, and she teased me, saying, "They're going to think you are bragging about yourself!". herman do you have a video on pitching and chipping.i really enjoy your instruction.thanks for what u r doing for the golfer.also could u help me on the takeaway.i hear u say one piece and then i hear u say pivot.i have watched both numerous times and they seem to be different ways to take the club back.again thanks. But, my shoulders are not nor are my ankles, too many injuries. Wishon 54, 59 Micro-Groove HM Club fitting is very important but your address and set up is key. Kyle Morris The real question is what are you looking for? I have done a fair amount of bench pressing so development of this muscle and the slight lack of flexibility make it very important for me to do. Brian Smock has a great swing and has a thick chest. How To Open Up The Chest Through Impact And Rotate Milo Lines Golf 52K views 1 year ago Mike Malaska: DO NOT "ROTATE" your Lower Body in the golf swing! Set the feet just barely wider than the hips, toes turned out about 5 degrees on each foot, and start to bow from the hip sockets as you also let the wrists drop. Please explain. [*][size=4][color=#008000][b]Ping G410 3 hybrid, Mitsubishi Tensei Blue Pro[/b][/color][/size] It really help me a lot on correcting my weak, slicing shots for a long time. Watching the Stadler video convinces me to go back to my natural, upright motion. Keep your hands in front of the chest, Mizuno ST190G atmos 6s Thanks for the tip for arm on top .it fixed me overnight I am even drawing the ball again or dead straight.. Herman. There are definitely advantages and disadvantages. I like this video. I'm 6"2 240lbs and former bodybuilder. I do have 1 question on the address you mention the golf shaft points at the belt buckle however there is a lot of info out there saying the shaft should point to left hip at address and if you look at top tour players like Rory McIlroy they do tend to have this lean of the shaft. Hi Herman, Hey Herman, I will report back Due to this reason, shaft-length will often be standard or slightly shorter than standard (1-2cm less than std) since the chest is bowed over closer to the ground and lie angle just be standard. Ive been trying for years to develop a consistent set up and swing and am every so grateful that Ive been hermanized. Groove the rotation you will need to pull your left arm in the downswing. If not, click, Next, well add to the setup by talking about, Golf Lag: Stop Casting, Lag like Tiger Woods. One more thing to pass on regarding getting yourself in the reverse K at setup. [/quote] I hated lifting weights though, but it was a necessary evil back then. I have a broad chest as well and lack proper external right shoulder rotation - you can either go 'up' toward the anterior like some have described, or you can stay in depth (and some width) with low hands and reverse loop a fade out of it. If this helps you, heres what I do that more often produces nice shots (i.e. 5 mistakes all golfers make on par 3 holes, Marcus Westerberg Chipping Tips: Stop helping the ball in the air, PGA Tour star reveals what it's like to play with a red-hot Jon Rahm, Equipment brand publicly cuts ties with LIV Golf stars, 'The DP World Tour feeds the PGA Tour it's always been like that', Keith Pelley: 'I have no influence on the Ryder Cup', Keep your feet together to improve your chipping. Place yourself in a balanced, athletic position, with the ball in the centre of the club face. Remember to hit that LIKE button if you enjoyed it :) NEW VIDEO EVERY DAY ON MY CHANNEL-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Links:Facebook Web the Pin Seekerz app here!iPhone: Android: I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. Taking nothing away from their records or great swings, Phil and Ernie are admittedly a little overweight up top and may not be awesome role models in the posture department. The modern swing teaches keeping both feet on the ground which twists the spine. Thanks for commenting. Being Gumby isn't all its cracked up to be. Try playing it back to improve the path, although now the face will need to release quickly to make it in time. But at the end of the day you want to get rid of the interference your chest creates regarding the armswing. The golfer is forced to roll the arms around the body which in turn opens the clubface and sends the club off plane. 1: Ball Position This is the most common mistake I see among amateur golfers. It got to the point that I couldnt even find a comfortable or reliable position at address. Plenty of Youtube vids of both to check out. We swing harder/faster and outrun our ability to rotate the face. [quote name='Hstead' timestamp='1385096954' post='8188390'] LC. So if you dont trust those, stay centered. Swing suggestions for my unusual body type . I am working on it though. People often try to tell me that golf isnt a natural game. I found your site last night via a you tube video and I am glad I did. Good read to get some insight. It has been historically taught that way, but there is no biomechanical reason or advantage to changing the stance widths. Get it wrong, and it wont matter how well you build everything else. See What Members Are Saying! G425 Max 9*o w/ RIP Beta I haven't asked for a refund yet since it isn't really Dans fault. This motion gets you into a fully coiled position at the top of your backswing. that's pretty big. : Since I have a very thick chest with this setup for me everything is easier. [/quote] My basic iron setup tries to align the shaft with the belt buckle picturing the shaft like a T-square with the leading edge of face perfectly square. Jim, you are technically correct, but since I know you, I will also with humor say, stop over-analyzing. , For a broader audience who wont study this in too much detail, the idea is to start the club centered to get the most symmetrical possible start with body and club alignments and best possible takeaway. I have to focus more on being able to breathe at the top I feel the left lat stretching so hard lol. Ive really enjoyed your videos, particularly the recommendation to weaken my right hand grip. I'm barrel chested and not overweight I setup like anyone else and swing the same as everyone I golf with. If I put myself at the top of my swing with left hand in waiters tray position and a flat right wrist and just let my natural swing fall.I always arrive with an open club face. When I watch the professionals most dont seem to have such a position, in fact they look a little slouched and bent over in the upper thoracic/neck area (Phil, Ernie Els). I'm looking for suggestions or thoughts about what an effective swing would be for this type of body. Literally your hips and legs will not be symmetrically centered on the ball. They are also very dependent on impact, and just after impact body positioning, because they can't maintain the angles for long. I have longer arms so my tendency is, as mentioned above, arm run off and a steep downswing. At the top of my back swing l can feel my right elbow on my side. I'm flexible: can do the seated toe touch, and can turn my shoulders 90 degrees from my waist. More speed ? Good luck and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Body Turn in Golf Swing - The Golf Fix. It actually should not be soled completely flat. I got down to 215lbs about ten years ago and I looked like I had AIDS, wearing 36" jeans. It was all "around." I've been playing golf about 15 years and have been as low as an 8 handicap, but currently rest at 13. Herman, Great Job on the videos ,I live in Greensboro and am lefty,Iwill be calling for a lesson soon . The target is going to be 225lb again. The left arm technique is huge. Using the same techniques with the driver and I am slicing the ball. The book is packed with plenty of easy-to-read, simple tips aimed at older golfersthough that doesnt mean younger players cant learn from it! Melbourne Australia, Hey Michael. I haven't asked for a refund yet since it isn't really Dans fault. You will be farther from the ball and some barrel-chested guys prefer shorter clubs. As for the S&T, I learned a ton from that thread and have spent a lot of time reading it a couple of months ago. [/quote] Experienced, low-handicap players usually have this figured out, so its not a big deal. Ken, Thank you, Ken. Herman, Related: Keep your feet together to improve your chipping. I am 6", 36 wrist to floor and 225 lb. I usually see a lot of slouching in my clientele with lots of forward shoulder rounding especially in adult men beyond 30 years of age. It would feel very uncomfortable and put you in a more or less cramped position. Thanks for the information on the setup. [*][size=4][b]Titleist T200 5-9 KBS Tour Flt [/b][/size] Watch approx 6 videos or so and have learned more than 4hrs of lessons from local pro. The whole coil and feel the stretch in the left lat thing don't really register on me. There's space between your chest and chin that I'm betting your left arm will fit in just fine -- but you have to add some "up" to your swing. Practice 1-handed forearm rotations with left hand holding the club, then immediately step up and play a shot it might actually hook. For lie angle you must get checked hitting a shot from a lie board as the dynamics of swinging often look different than the setup positions. I told Dan my first trip "I want to swing like Smock" lol. [/quote] With this grip I swing in-out and hit nice draws but occasional hooks.maybe a hosel here and there. Have your feet roughly shoulder-width apart keeping good alignment (don't bend knees in or out) Sit back like sitting on a chair whilst keeping your chest higher than the hips and exhale (breath out) as you jump up. DGA3, Lynn Blake's forum has a ton of older posts on hitting (it's a pattern based in TGM). 1. I don't care what guys say, [b]the way they describe the pivot, with right side extension and left side tilting was brilliant for me. Golfers must rotate the arms on the backswing In order to take a full backswing. The shoulders ideally turn at 90-degrees to the top of the swing. I come from a softball background and always hit opposite field (late swing). Besides my chest/left arm getting in the way of a bigger backswing, my lat muscles are too tight, and that is also adding to the shortness of it. Place an alignment rod under your toes and make some swings. That sucks. I love almost all your vdeos but in this one Once you have established the left hand grip, raise the left arm up on top of and across the chest (tricep lays on the pec.) Promise. making sure I'm turning my shoulders 90* to my spine. Being Gumby isn't all its cracked up to be. Hstead that line about being 215 and looking like you had AIDS just killed me. I just never made the connection. A couple of more ho ho's I should be 280 plus. Do not try to sit down to get low enough if the clubs feel too short. Ball - pro v1x Here's how to do it. I actually hit the ball farther when I weigh about 225lb., which has been a while. Thanks! Driver: Taylormade M2 10.5* w/ Hzrdus Black 6.0 62g If ball is truly too far forward you might pull it or hit it fat/thin. If it is easy to turn etc.? Look at BrianL99's post. elbow pointed at body/tricep on chest dates all the way back to Ben Hogan in the 50s. hit is with so much authority OGA member #15 Well last week i decided to try it since using your move of bringing the club down in slot before clearing and keeping trunk turned away at same time. Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to PETER FINCH now Lesson With PETER FINCH at Quest Golf here free to comment below! Extend rear leg on the BS and shift to right leg. Wishon 919 THI 11* 0.5* Open My right shoulder sets up below the left, but my right hip is tends to get higher than the left resulting in either a vertical or reversed spine tilt. Should I feel relaxed in my wrists with no wrist cock at set up or is it alright to have a little bit. Thanks for the great site and videos. Hands should be about a fist-width to a fist-and-a-half away from legs. [/b] Im telling everyone i know who plays to watch them! Slight wrist cock is normal at address. that when you find it I think it is also harder to keep your arms in front of you. My problem on the way down is dropping my right shoulder down too much instead of taking it out to the ball. Elbows to chest In the clip, which you can watch in full below, Hogan suggests starting by making small swings, with your. DGA3, February 3, 2016 in Instruction & Academy. I will report back. That being said, I think he could get away with a wider stance than most. I'm a golf fan. Again thanks for your rapid response. These images compare the movement and position on the backswing and follow-through when you throw a golf ball, swing one-handed and then two-handed. Basically the right shoulder drops to the right and left hip moves to the left. [/quote] I took a look at Jason Zuback's swing, and it appears that he goes extremely steep - in fact, his left arm about touches his neck. (UK). Try to feel like this turning move starts at your left hip area as you are coming down in downswing. a brilliant swing. As you reach the top of your backswing the chest should be facing pretty much straight away from your target. Imagine setting up for a 7-iron and then moving the golf ball 1 ball-width forward from there. For the one-piece takeaway, you can still make a one-piece movement while pivoting. We teach this on day one to every beginner we encounter, and they dont think this game is so hard to learn. 2023 JM Eagle LA Championship (April 27-30), Moi matched my iron set, now living on the heel, Diamana PD 50TX; Diamana TB 80TX; Cleveland RTX6 Zipcore 52/10; Best Grip Microperf Midsize Augusta grips. Herman. Bow forward more at the hips if necessary. The second thing: get fitted for clubs. ENTER NOW! Its certainly ok to have the hands slightly in front of the ball at address. In a perfect swing, the hips should rotate from the setup position, 45-degrees away from the ball on the backswing. I can relate to you on that one brother! I was wondering if you set-up any differently with fairway woods and hybrids? [quote name='Hstead' timestamp='1386383819' post='8261327'] Isnt low point therefore beneath left arm socket? Make sure: (1) Your left leg gently bumps the wall as you start down, and (2) the back of your left hand faces the wall as it comes down in front of. I have lost significant distance, consistency and golf balls trying to get flatter and deeper. Also a few good techniques to help square the face. Their strength is not enough to overcome the shorter ROM and general stiffness. Please note that l am hitting the ball straight with perhaps the merest hint of a draw. I wish I could rotate down with my shoulders more level, instead of tilting right so hard. Stay in touch. that's a great video, [quote name='Yuck' timestamp='1386334930' post='8257473'] Putter: Odyssey 2 ball XG 40" Armlock w/ winn grip and triple track alignment, Ball: looking for chrome soft replacement. Noticed a few things creeping in that I wanted to get my setup a little more structured. Its about finding what works for your body type. One-Piece is a term used to describe moving the hands, arms and club as a single unit with no hinge in the early phases of backswing. This set up video is awesome. Then repeat it with your eyes shut and try to imagine you are swinging a golf club. Excess knee flex will ruin your motion. Ill try on the course your recomendation to set the feet slightly wider the the hips. Usually I work out all winter and barely touch the weights during the golf season, so things get slightly better as the summer goes on (I can probably swing back to about the 10:00 position). Oh wait thats not correct. This is the best explanation that I can find. Why do you turn your shoulders 90*? I posted some of this in another thread recently but i'll link you some of these video's of great warm up routines that should improve your mobility. Thanks so much for your great instruction.John,former P.G.A, Thanks John. Your arm simply goes back and through and nine times out of ten goes straight where you intended. is Pure Gold. Herman. Thanks for stopping by to comment on the blog. Another huge discovery. Always helps to post a video as well, so people with a better understanding of the swing can comment. Since I have a normal Height(178cm), below average Arms (my wrists to floor is 88cm , 3cm more than a normal guy with 178) and a thick chest, what do you think the length and lie of the irons should be changed relative to the standard ones? Next, well add to the setup by talking about preshot routine. The whole coil and feel the stretch in the left lat thing don't really register on me. 2023 HomeTown Lenders Championship (Korn Ferry Tour) - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Zurich Classic - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 RBC Heritage - Discussion and links to Photos, 2023 Valero Texas Open - Discussion and links to photos, 2023 WGC Dell Technologies Match Play - Discussion and links to photos. GIVEAWAY! This causes the club to approach the ball on a significantly in-to-out path with a hold-on style of release. My shoulder is 46cm width. Basically, it's a three-step process, Hogan says. It should feel like your right arm scrapes your left hip coming down and then turn the back of your right hand down toward the ground. But I can hit 100s of balls quite nicely in this set up but I know its fundamentally wrong and wellId rather not do it. All of the older guys I play with have lost a lot more flexibility than strength. I've got a large chest and big arms, right now 6'1" about 230lbs but I played football at 275lbs. 2. Anyway, I have recently been looking at many more articles in an effort to get more distance, I am no slouch I have worked in the building industry all life and think I am reasonably fit for 58, I just stumbled on your videos and have watched them over and over and over in an effort to ingrain the moves, very interesting, properly explained and like what other people have said, no one has ever properly explained why and I was seriously thinking about quitting the game altogether, I am today going to try out all of what I have learned by watching your instruction and will keep you posted on the results, here is to hoping that at long last I have found someone who actually wants people to learn the game properly. Herman. [quote name='LaterOn61' timestamp='1385085653' post='8187280'] Holy crap. Thanks Herman! [media=][/media] You can certainly overdo it and end up with a spine line that is too straight and unnatural. Dont worry so much about backswing for now. Most of them DO NEED to learn to let their arms swing from their shoulder sockets more. Its never too late to figure it out and start getting better. Irons: Honma TW-X6-11, Wedges: Honma TW-W4 54* / 58* tiktok motorcycle accident, 9 1 1 albert actor, 30 gallon bottle brush tree cost,

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